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Course Design

Course Design


Great courses require excellent planning, experience, and a special art for the craft. Buck Heath
is a master course designer with years of experience taking his craft world-wide. Among being
an avid shooter and hunter, Heath has over 20 years of experience setting up shooting layouts.
Whether you’re looking for a large commercial range or just a personal layout for the home or
ranch, Heath Sporting can tailor a design to fit your needs and budget.

Free site consultation- The experts from Heath Sporting will come to your location and do an on-site evaluation. This will include helping pick the right spot for the layout while taking into
account factors like safety, weather, lighting, noise and environmental hazards.
Selecting the equipment for your fit- When it comes to shooting equipment, Heath Sporting
does not take a one size fits all approach. We have machines that range from the personal
ranch/home products all the way to strict Olympic discipline models and several levels in
between. We will find the size that fits your needs and budget. Heath Sporting is dedicated to
giving you the highest level of quality at the best price we can offer.

Turn Key Installation- Our design service will be integrated with custom equipment installation
and staff training allowing us to manage the project through completion. Your new range will
be fully operable before we leave your site.

Whether your needs are a club, personal range or operating as a business, the Heath Sporting
design staff will incorporate your requirements into a final design and master plan allowing you
to have a world class facility.

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