306XP Sporter Wobble


The 306XP Sporter Wobble is the commercial sporting clay target machine made in the USA, manufactured with all aluminum and stainless steel materials and comes with a five year warranty.  It also includes a built in timer to shut the oscillation motors down when not in use to preserve the battery.

*Cart options sold seperately. Stands are not for sale.



  • Holds 300 standard targets.  Midi carousel available in place of standard carousel at no extra charge.
  • Throwing distance up to 120 yards.
  • Cycle time of 1.5 seconds.
  • Oscillates up and down between 10 – 50 degrees in elevation.
  • Oscillates side to side between 36 degrees minimum up to 80 degrees maximum rotation.
  • Machine can tilt 20 degrees left or right of center.
  • Has a built in timer/interrupter to prevent shooter “reading” the target.
  • Weighs 195 lbs.
  • Five-year warranty and life-time warranty on main-shaft and one-way bearing.
  • Uses 12V Deep Cycle Marine Grade Battery, Group 24 Minimum.

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Weight 195 lbs