500E Doubles ATA/Wobble


The 500E Doubles ATA and Wobble is made in the USA and manufactured from heavy duty steel and stainless steel materials. Quick and easy setup is achieved in seconds with our turnbuckle adjustments for elevation and tilt.



500E Doubles ATA/Wobble

  • Holds 540 standard targets in an 14 column carousel.
  • Quick easy adjustments for singles to doubles.
  • Works great in cold weather settings with no noisy pumps to deal with.
  • Turnbuckle adjustment for elevation, tilt and centering the field.
  • 110v standard, 12V capable should you lose power.
  • Size: 34″ x 46″ 35″ Weight: 386
  • Cycle time of 1.5 seconds

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500E Doubles ATA, 500E Wobble