T8 Digital Transmitter with 6 Recievers


The T-8 is built to the same specifications as the T4300 transmitter, with a twist…..It is able to launch 8 machines all at the same time.

Press the “True Pair” button, press the numbers of the traps you want to fire and press the “True Pair” button again, 2 or all of them.

The “Lock On” feature enables repeated throws of up to all 8 machines.

A very easy to use 5 Stand or FITASC controller.

By using the 127 available field/channel settings the T-8 can be used on adjacent stations with no interference.

The T-8 operates on a single 9 volt battery and has an operating distance in excess of 400 yards.

Includes 6 R4300 receivers.

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