100e Pair/Set | MEC 100e Sporting Clay Throwers

100e Pair/Set

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Set of Two MEC 100e Sporting Clay Throwers - includes (2) carts and Lt-200 wireless release.

100E Sporter

  • Holds 135 standard targets.
  • Machine height 28” when elevated.
  • Throwing distance easy 85 yards.
  • It tilts Back 50 degrees and has left tilt of 30 degrees to offer varying presentations.
  • Cycle time of 1.5 seconds.
  • Meets the same heavy duty standards as our larger machines.
  • The compact size makes transportation easy.
  • Weighs 108 lbs.
  • Dimensions are 28"H x 23"L x 22" W at zero tilt and zero elevation.
  • Three-year warranty and lifetime warranty on the main shaft and one-way bearing. 
  • Uses 12V Deep Cycle Marine Grade Battery, Group 24 Minimum.